how to get rid of grey hair naturallySome people look great with grey hair (think George Clooney), most of us however don’t look that great. That’s why we spend a serious amount of research finding you the best home remedies for grey hair.

After reading this article, you’ll be well equipped to combat greying hair and start looking younger again.

The most common treatment is unfortunately not natural. Most people will use an artificial hair dye, which may or may not work for them. But this is not a permanent solution and won’t actually reverse the aging process. There are plenty of other over the counter treatments, but many of these have unwanted side effects. It can be harmful for your health to dye your hair regularly and men especially might feel self-conscious getting this done professionally. The cost of a decent hair dye can be pretty high as well.

So what’s the alternative to artificial chemical products? Well, we found many highly effective natural treatments, including some very promising natural home remedies for grey hair

The Best Home Remedies For Grey Hair

The below will show you how to get rid of grey hair naturally and permanently. Some of the treatments are scientifically proven to work, while others have not necessarily been proven by scientists but appear to work for many people. It’s important to keep in mind that what works for one person may not work for the next. So it’s a good idea to try a few natural treatments if one doesn’t work. In fact, it’s recommended you combine some of the methods for best results.


amla for grey hairThe beauty and health benefits of Amla, also known as Indian Gooseberry, is well known and comes from its high Vitamin C content. Amla is used for many things, one of those being anti-aging due to its antioxidant qualities. But we’re not talking about eating it here.

If you’d like to try Amla for grey hair, then it’s best to apply it directly to your hair. This can be either using Amla oil or Amla pulp. If you’re starting from scratch, you’ll have to dry the gooseberry pieces and grind them up yourself, but it’s also possible to buy it in powdered form saving you some time. You’ll have to massage directly into your hair and leave for some time. We’ve read somewhere it’s best to keep it overnight, but this seems troublesome, as your bed will get dirty. Make sure you thoroughly wash your hair after use.

This especially works well if combined with some other essential oils we’ll discuss below.

Coconut Oil

coconut oilCoconut oil has long been used in the beauty world to heal hair and repair damaged roots caused by such things as protein loss. The Journal of Cosmetic Science has even found some scientific evidence to back up many of these claims, which frankly, a lot of the other treatments are lacking.

That’s why coconut oil for grey hair is one of favourite herbal remedies.

It’s real power lies in the fact that it is full of goodness and is a hydrophobic, meaning that it repels water and is able to be massaged into the scalp very effectively. The best results according to our research comes from massaging high quality coconut oil onto your scalp around 15 minutes daily. Many people even claim this completely reversed their greying. It’s advisable to leave it on your head for several hours, and then washing your hair thoroughly with shampoo. Aim to do this at least twice a week to get the optimal results if you don’t like the idea of doing this daily.

If that’s not enough to convince you, coconut oil also has antimicrobial and antifungal properties which will ensure your hair is incredibly clean. Other favourable side effects include softer and shinier hair, which is caused by the properties that moisturize hair and encourage growth, which is why it’s also popular for those people losing hair.

The warning we would give if you’d like to try this treatment yourself is to ensure you only use high quality oils, otherwise you may end up doing more damage than good. It’s also advisable to add some fresh lemon juice to increase the number of antioxidants, and increase the speed at which this will reverse the greying process. This should also work with coconut paste or cream, however we’ve not heard as much feedback using these, but they might be worth a try if you have this lying around your house.

Curry Leaves

curry leaves white hairWhen I first came across curry leaves for grey hair I wasn’t sure whether to believe this was a real treatment or not. Apparently it is! The most effective way of preparing this hair mask is to use some fresh curry leaves and boil this with coconut oil. Once this has cooled down sufficiently it can be applied directly to your hair. It’s best to massage the curry mixture with your fingers for maximum absorption.

This might not be as effective as the other remedies, but we’ve heard from many people that using this method at least once a week for a month or two brings great results. I personally love the smell of curry, so I didn’t have anything to lose here. But if you’re not a fan of curry, try a different solution.

Also, as nice as I find the smell, I don’t want my hair smelling of curry the entire day. So ensure you have a fragrant shampoo to wash out the curry leave paste afterwards.

Rosemary and Sage

Rosemary and sage for grey hair works wonders for many people. It doesn’t quite reverse the entire process, but it does cover up white hairs. Thus this method gives you a natural darker color. On top of that, you’ll smell delicious after using it.

The best way to use this method is to boil some dried rosemary and sage in water. Leave this to stand for several hours and then strain. What’s left can then be used to rinse your hair. Best results have been seen if it is left on for at least a quarter of an hour. You can then rinse out with lukewarm water. This process doesn’t have to be done daily, but once a week should give you some kind of result.

Hibiscus Flowers

Hibiscus is a very effective way to heal and cleanse hair. It’s frequently used to stop hair loss, but it’s properties lend themselves well to delaying graying. The best way to use this method it to make a homemade paste by boiling hibiscus for 20 minutes in water and mashing the hibiscus flower once boiled into a paste. This can then be massaged on to the gray hairs. It’s recommended to shampoo your hair afterwards to cleanse. This can be done a few times a week.


Henna is an amazingly effective natural hair colorant. You can prepare this treatment yourself at home by crushing some henna leaves into a paste. It works even better when combining some Indian gooseberry powder to reverse signs of aging. We’ve even heard very good feedback when combining the paste with some natural yoghurt to ease the absorption into your hair.

Since this is a hair colorant, it’s important to spread the paste you’ve made evenly across your scalp. Once it’s been able to work it’s magic for a few hours, make sure you rinse your hair with shampoo thoroughly after. You might also want to cover your eyes when using any of these treatments.

We’ve recently been told that an alternative way of creating a henna hair mask is by mixing black tea or coffee with henna powder until you get a thick consistency. This should be left to cool down for at least two hours before applying it to your hair.