Hair is important! Having thinning hair or no hair at all can be devastating to self-confidence for both men and women. Studies have shown that hair can affect both your professional and social life more than we’re even aware of. That’s the reason we carefully researched some of the top natural remedies for hair loss. Out of all of this research we found that one of the best remedies is castor oil for hair growth.

In centuries past, individuals all over the world used castor oil as a natural beauty treatment for their hair. This all-natural oil has since been used commercially in the preparation of creams, cosmetic soaps, and lotions and has shown extraordinary results in hair. Individuals suffering from dry or unmanageable hair as well as individuals experiencing stunted hair growth can gain a multitude of benefits from applying a castor oil for hair growth solution.

The Science Behind Castor Oil

Castor oil for hair growth has been scientifically proven to effectively ensure that an individual gains the benefit of preventing hair loss or stunted hair growth. This is due to the fact that the oil contains anti-microbial (anti-fungal and antibacterial) properties that work to inhibit the growth of micro-organisms that weaken, dry, and stunt hair growth. Moreover, castor oil has high levels of minerals, Omega 6 and 9 fatty acids, Vitamin E, and an elevated ricinoleic acid ratio. Combined, these castor oil properties work to strengthen, condition, and encourage the re-growth of hair.

Recent scientific studies indicate that the elevated levels of ricinoleic acid contained in castor oil successfully increase the production of prostaglandin E2, a lipid compound commonly referred to as PGE2. According to the studies, scalp tissues that have elevated levels of PGE2 characteristically had healthy hair growth as compared to balding scalp areas or those that had stunted hair growth which had decreased levels of the compound. In essence, it is a multi-tasking, all natural hair-care product.

Treatment Tip 1: Home-made Castor Oil Treatment for Hair Growth

how to use castor oil for hair growthAlthough hormones, brought about by aging may affect how one’s hair looks and feels, lack of sufficient hydration within the hair shaft, is the main cause of unhealthy looking hair. Dry or brittle hair is a sign that an individual is not taking in enough fresh water. Water is essential in keeping the body hydrated, and this includes one’s skin and hair.

To make an intensive hair treatment using castor oil for hair growth, one ought to warm the castor oil using a bowl filled with warm water. It is vital that one uses warm water as hot water may cause the oil to overheat and thus, scald the scalp. For those with long hair, two tablespoons of the warmed castor oil should be applied to the shaft of the hair and generously massaged onto the scalp. Individuals who have short hair should use only one tablespoon of the oil. To achieve the best results, one should cover the oiled hair with a shower cap for a minimum of two hours.

Individuals with excessively damaged hair, whether caused by various chemical applications or bad dye jobs, should leave the shower cap on overnight. For maximum effectiveness, a few drops of sandalwood or geranium essential oils should be added to the castor oil. After a lengthy castor oil for hair loss treatment, a gentle shampoo should be used to wash the hair after treatment.

It is worth noting that instead of using shampoo to remove the treatment entirely, one can opt to use a hot wet towel to wipe off any excess castor oil. The remaining oil can be left on the hair for a continued conditioning and moisturizing effect. However, one must wash off the remaining castor oil treatment the following day as it is possible to over-nourish the hair and cause it to become greasy, dull, and limp.

Treatment Tip 2: Castor oil for Hair Growth and Scalp Health

Since time immemorial, castor oil has been mixed with various other herbs such as sage leaves, gooseberries, and lime to make natural home remedies for dealing with thinning hair or general hair loss. To gain additional benefits from a castor oil treatment, particularly for the treatment of hair loss, one ought to add four drops of rosemary essential oil to the warmed castor oil. Research indicates that rosemary essential oil encourages the growth of new hair by over 20% and is sure to result in fantastic results.

Tip: Mix it with rosemary oil

Rosemary has been noted to be one of the major ingredients in most hair products. Rosemary oil helps to encourage the repair of hair follicles thus effectively assisting in the growth of strong, healthy hair. In addition, rosemary oil is known to slow down the rate of hair loss and the premature appearance of gray hair. The oil is considered one of the best oils for hair and scalps that are dry and flaky.

Treatment Tip 3: Castor oil treatment for hair that is breaking, splitting or frizzy

Castor oil for hair care is a perfect all natural solution to unwanted hair breakage. Hair breakage is caused by extreme dehydration within the hair shaft as well as damage from combing and brushing. Hair that has experienced breakage tends to be limp and thin and thus, causes one to look like they are suffering from stunted hair growth or extreme hair loss. In reality, however, the root cause of the problem is not stunted growth or hair loss due to a problem with one’s hair roots. Rather, the illusion of balding is caused by a problem in the hair shaft.

Castor oil, as already mentioned, not only works well to rehydrate hair due its conditioning and moisturizing benefits, but also works as a lubricant on the hair to prevent brush or comb damage. Furthermore, castor oil neither evaporates nor breaks down easily. As such, it ensures continued moisture within the hair shaft and keeps an individual’s hair moist and soft in order to prevent split ends, frizz, and hair breakage.

In the repair of brittle or dry hair, castor oil works by preventing or reducing protein loss within the hair shaft, which is well-renowned to be another key cause for hair dryness, breakage, and thinning. When combined with coconut or argon oils, castor oil becomes less sticky and thus, can easily penetrate the hair shaft to nourish it with minerals, vitamins, and medium-chain fatty acids.

All in all, having lustrous and beautiful hair is something most of us want. In order to have this, it is imperative that both hair and scalp are kept clean and moisturised using castor oil for hair growth.