I love tea! There’s nothing nicer than a warm cup of tea in the afternoon. But, recently, I’ve discovered another use for tea, and that use is a tea detox. Here I’ll review the best detox teas, and we’ll find out why a “teatox” is the way forward!

Why Teatox?

Your body is exposed to the many toxins that come from stress, air, and food every single day. These toxins can affect your immune system, skin, and overall health negatively. There are many different teas out there that can help you detox and cleanse the toxins from your body. The main benefits of a teatox is that it’s easy, cheap and simple. All you need is a teabag (or some herbs) and boiling water!

Before starting any tea detox you should talk to your physician, especially if you are taking any prescription medications, to make sure that they will not cause any reaction with them. You should also not drink any more than the daily amount stated.

What Is The Best Detox Tea?

What you really want to know is which teatox is best? Which product should you buy and why! Well, let’s get to that before giving you all the boring science stuff. That way, you can go out and get started immediately. So here’s my top five detox teas:

Tiny Tea

tiny tea reviewsThere are lots of positive online Tiny Tea reviews, a few friends have tried it, so I decided to give this tea a try. Overall, this is a great tea. I was impressed by the packaging, and the pretty pink tea bags.

The ingredient list is promising, and not too intensive, unlike some of the other detox teas reviewed below. Overall, this tea helps reduce bloating, gives you an energy boost and can help you lose weight. Lots of people also state that it helped them clear up their skin, which is a side benefit of a detox and some of the ingredients used.

This is a gentler cleansing tea, as it does not have Senna leaves as an ingredient. This is great if you experience side effects from Senna, but then again, I personally like the more intensive cleanse that Senna tea provides. So this is a great alternatives if some of the detox teas below are too much for you.

The reviews on taste are mixed. You’ll find this with any herbal tea, which you either like or you don’t. I recommend you add some lemon or natural honey to make it taste better if you’re not a fan.

The main reason it gets a spot in the top tea detox list is that it’s produced by Your Tea, which is a reputable tea vendor. It has a great looking website, and has lots of different herbal wellness teas, including Tiny Tea. But it does lack some power due to the gentler ingredient list.

BooTea Teatox

bootea teatox reviewBootea has a 14 day detox plan, and a much more intensive 28 day teatox. They are both exactly the same, just one is twice as long! So if you’ve never had a teatox before, I would recommend you stick with a 14 day one. The many customer bootea teatox reviews online are mostly positive, and convinced us to include this product in the best detox tea list. It certainly is the prettiest (the tea bags are adorable!).

I have a few criteria for tea, and they are high quality, natural and from a reputable source. Bootea has sold to over 1 million customers worldwide and its products are 100% natural with no artificial preservatives.

Like many other teatoxes, the product consist of two different drinks. One is a daytime detox, which is energising and then there is a bedtime cleanse, which is, well, cleansing! The night time drink contains senna leaves, which is one of the best natural laxative herbs. The side effect of this tea is that it will make you go to the bathroom a few times, so be prepared if this is your first time trying senna! I would honestly recommend you start drinking this on a weekend when you don’t have much planned.

If you doubt just how powerful senna is, and never had it before, you might be surprised. It contains chemicals called sennosides, which actually irritate the lining of the bowel. That’s great if you want to cleanse your system, but be aware some people suffer from side effects such as cramps and diarrhea. While senna is actually an FDA-approved nonprescription medicine, it is not recommended to drink it daily over long periods of time. I personally never had serious side effects using senna (apart from having to run to the bathroom once in a while – which is the point of a cleanse), but stop using the tea if you do experience more severe side effects.

One warning, apparently this tea is not suitable for those with nut allergies. The tea is produced at a factory where nuts are handled, so be aware of that!

Yogi Detox Tea

yogi-detox-tea-reviewsThere are plenty of yogi detox tea reviews left by satisfied customers. On Amazon alone, there are 4,298 customer reviews at the time of writing this. 76% of reviews are five-stars and 11% are four-stars, with only 5% being 1-star. That’s pretty impressive. The negative reviews tend to complain about the taste, which is a little bit of an acquired taste for most detox teas to be honest.

They claim that the product can be used daily for up to 30 days. I personally think that’s too long, but you’ll have to see how your body reacts to it. Yogi Detox Tea is not an aggressive cleanser, as it does not contain senna as far as I am aware (this is a strong natural laxative).

Some of my favourite ingredients in Yogi Teas Detox are dandelion and burdock, which help support your liver, and juniper berry which is great for kidneys. The pepper and ginger help with improving blood flow. Finally, the Indian sarsaparilla root make this one of the nicer tasting brews. Like most herbal teas, this one is completely caffeine free.

My own review combined with the many online Yogi detox tea reviews on Amazon give this product a worthy place in a our best teatox list.

Skinny Teatox

skinny teatox reviewSkinny Teatox is a lot like all the other teatoxes in this list. It’s a two step-program, consisting of a morning tea and an evening tea. This skinny teatox review is for the 14 day program, but the other products are all pretty similar. What I like about Skinny Teatox is that the product is completely natural, and for those with intolerances, it is both nut free and gluten free. No chemicals are added, so the tea consists of 100% natural ingredients, which is great.

This detox program is designed to help you lose weight, by burning calories and boosting your metabolism. The website also claims that it can help suppress appetite. I was a little surprised to see so many customer skinny teatox reviews mention that the taste is great, since most detox teas don’t taste that great. I was pleased to see that many reviews mention positive results, such as a feeling of wellbeing, increased energy and weight loss.

I don’t think you should be using this purely for weight loss and not doing anything else. You really need to incorporate a healthy diet and do some exercise to get real and long lasting results. Otherwise, you might find that you either do not lose any weight, or do it at the expense of your wellbeing.

Finally, the ingredients include senna leaves (which is a powerful natural laxative, so be aware!), cinnamon bark, ginseng (to give you energy), chrysanthemum, rhubarb and ginger (great for digestion).

Queen B Tea

queen b detox tea reviewsApart from the cool name, Queen B tea is a good contender for the best teatox. While many people use it for weight loss, it is a great way to cleanse your system. If weight loss is on your mind, please bear in mind that results are only temporary, unless you actually make some lifestyle changes. I’m sure it’s not what you want to hear, but starving yourself and drinking only tea is not recommended. Running, yoga and salads are!

I’ve reviewed a product called Queen B Detox, but they also have products to cleanse your skin, boost immunity, reduce stress, and one specifically for weight loss.

The main active ingredient is Cassia Angustifolia dry leaf (which is a fancy way of saying senna), which is a powerful natural laxative. Since it stimulates the bowel, the clear side effect is having to go to the bathroom, like many of the other teas we reviewed here. Some customer reviews complain about abdominal pain, diarrhea and cramps. I would suggest, if you have serious side effects, and are in actual pain, you stop taking it immediately and seek medical advice. In any case, I personally wouldn’t drink it every day for more than two weeks. I would even break up the program in chunks to give your body a break in between a cleanse.

While this is a good colon cleansing tea, and there’s plenty of positive queen b detox tea reviews from users online, it’s not the best option. For one, I prefer the packaging from the other teatoxes (very basic packaging), but the other programs include a morning tea to give you energy in combination with the evening colon cleanse tea. This might be the reason some of there users complain about being tired.

How Does Tea Help Detox Your Body?

Detox teas help to purify your body by cleansing the various organs in your body. This helps them to function better, as it will bring balance to your body. Detox tea will provide your body with a gentle herbal cleanse by flushing bad toxins out. and along with the cleanse. Results are even better when combined with meditation (or something like yoga), exercise, and dietary changes.

Herbal detox tea is primarily used for its laxative properties, this will help cleanse your body, and your colon in paricular, while stimulating the bowel. I know! It’s not the nicest topic to write about, but wanted to give you a heads up!

Different teas can also have diaphoretic properties which help promote perspiration and will again help to cleanse your whole body, since sweating will help remove toxins from your bloodstream. These should be taken on an empty stomach and drank hot. I also tend to have hot baths or go to the steam room (or sauna) regularly to have a similar effect.

Herbal detox teas can also have blood purifying properties. Different ingredients can help to purify your blood by supplying it with the substances that is needed to nourish every tissue and produce healthy blood cells.

Another main benefit from a teatox is weight loss. When a detox tea is used for weight loss it is thought that the toxins that are stored in the fat can be released when losing weight. Herbal tea made with dandelion root can also nourish and help with a liver detox along with nourishing the skin to function properly. Many ingredients have more than one benefit to you, such as the burdock root, which is also beneficial for your skin and the dandelion root it is also beneficial for a natural kidney cleanse.

Best Detox Teas And Ingredients

  • Green tea detox is really the king of teas. More research has been done on green tea, than any other tea. The key benefit is its antioxidant powers. It’s said that these leaves works on a cellular level in order to counteract free radical damage to your cells. This type of damage to your cells can be caused by smoking, unhealthy eating habits, air pollution, and alcohol consumption. It can also prevent any permanent damage to your DNA and healthy cells.
  • Peach detox teas are generally made of peaches, black pepper, dandelion, ginger, and corn silk. Combined these flavors make up a natural liver cleansing tea. The benefits of this type of brew is that it stimulates the production of bile and it could work to restore kidney and liver function and help with the production of urine. In other words, great for flushing out toxins in your body. I honestly never heard of peach tea being good for you before doing my research for this post, and certainly wasn’t aware of all the peach detox tea benefits. So this one is a nice surprise!
  • Lemon detox tea contains lemon juice and cayenne pepper. The lemon juice contains large amounts of vitamin C, which is an antioxidant and the cayenne pepper has many ingredients and healing properties like capsicum. What’s more lemon is one of the most alkaline fruits, which helps rebalance your pH level in your body. What’s more, the vitamin C in the lemon juice will help your immune system and the capsicum in the cayenne pepper will help with heart and stomach problems. It’s also claimed that lemon juice will help with weight loss. But I’ve found that to be difficult to prove scientifically.
  • Chamomile blends are calming and have been scientifically proven to help with many different ailments. The main use for this tea is to calm people who are under stress, but it can also help with nausea and bloating. It is also used to help eliminate pollutants, toxins and improving digestion.
  • Peppermint blends are incredibly refreshing and there is a huge amount of variety. Different mint teas have different flavours and health benefits. making it a key ingredient in some of the best detox teas. Mint teas can assist with stomach and colon problems like irritable bowel syndrome, indigestion, and nausea. It may also help to remove toxins in your colon. What’s more, mint teas are great for the skin, and have been scientifically proven to alleviate skin conditions such as hormonal acne.
  • Liver cleansing teas are all encompassing. There’s many different ingredients that can provide you with a natural liver cleanse. Some of the main ingredients could be herbs such as cascara sagrada and senna. For diaphoretic properties these herbs include yarrow flower, hyssop, and peppermint. For blood purifier properties these herbs include dandelion root, chickweed leaves, and burdock root. In fact, detox teas tend to include at least a few ingredients that are diuretics and can help support your kidneys and liver.

So we’ve given our favorite tea detox brands, and you now know the health benefits and side effects from a teatox. It’s not a magical solution, but many people do find that it helps them feel better, reduce bloating, and give them a little energy boost. Let me know in the comments below whether you’ve tried any teatoxes and which brand is your favorite and why?